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Are tank destroyers most important in world of tanks ?
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world of tanks tank destroyer

A Tank Destroyers job is to be good at sniping, shooting and hiding fast in order to a successful tank destroyer. Stealth is important generally speaking, but when it comes to tank destroyers things are more serious. However, the tank destroyer it is to be feared even when facing a medium or a light tank in close battle. The alpha you carry on your guns are a great advantage in such situations.

I have seen tank destroyers while on the battlefield which are simply staying in their team's path and decrease maneuver space of its team members. My advice is to follow them where they are going and try to provide cover fire than to engage in close combat. Even if you find yourself in front of the ongoing team you should consider to move on side or in the back without disturbing anyone.

If you are waiting for the enemy to come while your team is fighting try and keep your position until you are sure you can get a full shot into your enemy. If you are staying the for a period of time and you just come out to engage in the battle I can say that the time spent hiding is worth nothing now. Better wait to have full accuracy until you show yourself.

WOT Gold Generator - Tested 100 Safe%
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Since the very release of the great game World of Tanks people are complaining about the expensive stuff that users have to buy in order to advance in the game and to be more balanced with other players. In order to have a successful battle you have to have various upgrades, tanks, weapons, crew members, etc. which sometimes can only be brought only by trading real money with game's currency which for most of the people is not affordable, therefore the game is not a balanced one. To make a step further in the proper direction a gold generator has to be created which can make life easier for users, a program that can deliver free gold to world of tanks accounts. The WOT Gold Generator is not just a program, is a tool to tackle the greedy people of wargaming which is clearly that they are earning a lot more than they actually spending. The wot gold generator has the power to make such a beautiful game even more beautiful thank it already is.

WOT Gold Generator Video Demonstration

Free Gold In World Of Tanks - Wot Gold Free by WotTools

When it comes to such tools for delivering free stuff which is bought with real money a number of things come into discution such as how safe it will be for you as a person, for your account, or for the game itself. After numerous testings, surveys amongst users, we decided to create a free wot gold generator that can deliver free gold to users accounts which can be used further to buy what they need to have a chance against their enemies on the battlefield. We are proud to say that we created the best hack possible that can actually generate for free, world of tanks game's currency. The wot gold generator 2016 can be freely used to buy anything that you want. Even more than that the program is one hundred percent safe to use as this was our primary goal from the beginning and the greatest challenge of all.

wot gold generator

The wot gold generator can deliver a limited amount of gold, reason for which it is the most safest program in this category that you can find. This did make it only the safest, but also the most accurate and the most reliable. The possibility to have free gold, limited amounts of gold will make the game as balanced as it has to be. Without this implementation every user will generate unlimited amounts of gold, therefore the program will be patched and unusable and players will be too strong to face them in battles. The limited amount is on a daily basis which is it more than exceptional for a game as popular as World of Tanks. The wot gold generator is the best thing that you will ever encounter because a dedicated team of coders make it possible working days and nights in making it 100% safe, 100% smart, 100% usable for each one of you.

How to get started in World of Tanks - Beginners
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Tips for beginners in World of Tanks?
If you are a beginner of World of Tanks there are various helpful things that you can use to your advantage while in the middle of a battle. If you are hiding behind a bush you should know that you can use it only for hiding and not for protection. If you are spotted and you are hit through the bush you will take the damage in full. You have to take it ?slow and be very careful, as a newcomer your tank will be wasted in only 3 shots, you have to buy armor and more better tanks, but before that you have to go through the first part of the game, avoid of any cost being spotted and try to engage in battle more on stealth mode.?


You should always leave your map on to know what is happening around you. You can turn it off and on by pressing "M". As in most games the enemies on map are shown in red and your friends are shown in green. To make things easier your retina will show in different colors as well when pointing it to a tank which you want to kill. You have to try and aim good until your retina is green. This means the target will most likely be damaged in full by your shot. If it's orange this means that there are like 50/50 chances of having a successful hit, if it's red, most likely you will shoot in vain and you target will take very little damage or no damage at all. Even after you shoot the icon above your enemy will tell you information about your shot. If you see a flashing icon it means that you have made some damage to your enemy, but if it turns black after you shot, you can be sure that that was a completely miss and no damage was done.

Most Important things before you go on the battlefield - WORLD OF TANKS
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Things to know before you go to battle in World of Tanks - Noob Friendly


wot battlefield

For some it may sound ridicolous, but fore beginners it may be a good advice to always be careful to not engage into battle without adding ammo to your tank or installing the gun. It may happen for the newcomers and it's better to not happen at all. For this we have to point out a few things regarding the menu on the garage screen which are to be found on the bottom in the middle: the very bottom it shows you the classes of tanks; the upper side shows you the options that can be added for the tanks ( modules ). They are to be researched making use of the EXP and you have to buy them using credits. Equipment are the stuff that will help your tank perofrm better in battle. You also have the Consumables that are used to boost your abilities to heal your brigade and even to restore your module's capacity.

In order for a tank to be an Elite Tank you have to research all the available items for that particular tank. The next section is the upper middle section ( not the top one ). This section is mainly used to buy tanks and only. Click on store and you will be able to buy any tanks you want. I use this section only for purchasing tanks. Other stuff can be bought straight from the garage. Near the "Store" tab you will see "Depot" tab which is to be used if you want to sell anything, tanks, crew, ammo, equipment. The things go even further with your crew and your barracks. There are two colors with two different meanings. The green background of the crew member specifies the member is on a tank that you have selected on that moment, while the red one means that your crew it is on a tank, but on a tank that you have currently selcted. The black background will occupy space in your barrack ( bunk slots ) as the tanker is not on any tank at that moment.
If you want to train a crew member to drive a new tank they will not be able to operate the previous one at maximum capacity. Moving the member to a new type of tank they will start on the new tank with a very low ability in operating it. Changint him to a new tank in the same class will still lower his ability, but not as much as changing him to a new category of tanks ( 10% ).

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Hello from UK and welcome to my blog, I am a fan of games and I had the thought to try and share my experience with games, especially with world of tanks. It is a very common game and most of you may now how to play it properly, but there are so many stuff about this game to be known so I think it's a great idea to share a few various stuff for beginners, but for advanced users as well.

When I'm not working I either sleep or play WOT, sometimes I think I play too much so I try to get things a little more normal and not to play it so much. Writing on this blog is my first attempt to get things a little more normal in my life. The best part is that I am not from UK for too long so it will help me to advance with my english in the same time. 

I will try to keep things clear and straight to the point and in the same time easy to understand for every reader and to not get you borred with too much useless content. That being said so far I will see you on my next post trying to keep you attached to the screen as you read my content.



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